Monday, October 20, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

She got me!!!

I've Been Tagged!!! Oh no!!! I will try to do my best in english!!!
1. I am a Polish  woman who has lived in this country for 10 years!!! Wow!!! 
2. I am a biologist. But still hate spiders in my house. Actually spiders scare me to death!!!
3. I was a professional dancer ( ballroom dance) for over 10 years. Now I dance just in my basement!
4. I love changes in my house!!! Furniture, decorations, colors... everything. 
5. I cook the best golabki ever!!!! (Stuffed cabbage) 
6. I love to drink milk. I can drink 2 gallons of milk every day!!!
7.I would like to be a next American Idol!!! ( It is a joke lol! ) But I love Simon Cowell !!!!

I was tagged by Lynn ( thank you my FRIEND).
I will tag others soon!!! KJ